Wednesday, August 2, 2017

thoughts of flower folding

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

On my birthday this year, Ava gave me a beautiful origami flower. I treasure and adore any gift from my girls, but was especially impressed with Ava when she told me that she thought of the flower idea, looked for something online, and found the "how-to" for it all on her own.

Cindy would be so proud of Ava's initiative and for continuing the origami tradition. I wouldn't be surprised if Cindy planted a little seed of inspiration in her niece's mind.

My cousin Jayne saw the flower when she was visiting one day, and asked Ava if she would come over to teach her how to make them, so they could be used as wall decorations for her apartment. Ava happily agreed.

So yesterday, the girls and I spent some time at Jayne's place folding flowers. Our other cousin Adam, who's living in the Philippines right now, happened to be home to attend a friend's recent wedding; so he joined us for our "flower workshop".

Thank you Cindy for continuing to spark our creativity and for being an inspiration for more fun family time!

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