Sunday, July 2, 2017

thoughts of angelic occasions

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

Last Friday, June 30th, we commemorated our cousin Zoe's birthday. She would have been 21 years old this year. While we were remembering her, I believe that she, Cindy, and all our dearly departed loved ones were celebrating in heaven as well.

Since it was her 21st birthday, the Rabuy and Inciong families gathered at a lovely winery to share memories of Zoe, and to raise a glass in her honor. Many of our family members can't help but think of Cindy when we think of Zoe. It's comforting to know that although we miss both of them terribly, that they have each other.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

thoughts of pantene hair

shared by VJ Rabuy, her sister

When I picture Cindy in my mind, most of the time she has long hair. I think there was only a brief period of time - during her childhood, when she had her shoulder length perm - that she did not have long hair.

I remember she washed her hair with Pantene Pro-V Shampoo. She also liked to use Rave brand mousse, which was very hard to find. Most of the time, the image I have of her is with a high ponytail, one she would where when playing sports (which was often).

Occasionally, I also have memories of Cindy waving her hair back and forth in a manner similar to those women featured in shampoo commercials, to highlight it’s silky softness. She typically only did this as a joke, after recently getting out of the shower, or removing the elastic from her ponytail.

Currently, I wear my hair long, but I may cut it soon. But I’m happy that it’s long for now. I can’t help but think of Cindy, whenever I see someone with lovely long hair like hers.

Friday, June 2, 2017

thoughts of a trip to the nail salon

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

Tomorrow is Brooke's 8th birthday. As part of her birthday celebration, she had a "nail salon party" today, with her sister, cousins, and friends from school. It was so sweet watching the girls enjoy getting their nails done, and sharing snacks, fun and laughs.

Brooke's party reminded me of the time that my sisters and I all went to get our nails done, just a couple of days before my wedding. Cindy had scheduled all the appointments for us, and it may have been the only time that all of us were at a nail salon together.

Come to think of it, that pre-wedding-sister-salon outing may have been the first time that I had ever had my nails "professionally" done. Getting a manicure will always remind me of Cindy. I know she was smiling down on her nieces today, as they took some time to treat themselves at the salon.