Thursday, November 2, 2017

thoughts of lunch money

shared by VJ Rabuy, her sister

When Cindy and I were kids, we used to bring our school lunch a lot. We definitely brought lunch more days than we bought lunch every week.

Our Dad created a simple system that kept track of how may times we would buy lunch each month. The daily cost for lunch was $1; so we had an envelope filled with $20 in ones, and the numbers 1-20 were written on the outside of the envelope. On the days we would buy lunch, we wrote our name by the number until all the numbers were filled.

Nowadays I try to only bring my lunch, and limit my outside food purchases to once a week. I don’t remember what happened to those extra dollars, if there were any, at month’s end. Perhaps it went back into the pot. If Cindy and I were allowed to keep our remaining lunch money, I imagine we would have used it to buy candy.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

thoughts of cookie dough

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

Last weekend, Cyn Cyn wanted to try making "edible cookie dough". It was something she had seen online, and just thought it would be fun to try. The girls enjoy baking, and it wasn't too elaborate of an idea, so they gave it a go.

Seeing the interest and excitement that the girls had for their baking project reminded me of Cindy. Several blog entries have described her creativity and knack for arts and crafts, and it was just endearing to see a similar enthusiasm in her nieces.

I can recall several occasions, both while we were kids and while she was in college, when Cindy would just get an idea and bring it to life. She'd say something like, "I wanted to try making a clay model of you in your orange prom dress, so I bought some clay and did it... here you go!"

As for the cookie dough... it was yummy! The recipe yielded a good amount, so we decided to bake most of it and just enjoy some cookies.

There was some doubt as they were baking, with the edges being slightly burnt and the dough not easily spreading... but they were still delicious! Tita Cyn would have enjoyed sharing them with the girls, along with a nice, cold glass of milk.

Monday, October 2, 2017

thoughts of part of your world

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

Over the weekend, we had a chance to watch the Broadway musical version of Disney's The Little Mermaid. We were an enthusiastic group of 16 theater go-ers, that included sisters, husbands, daughters, cousins and close family friends.

Like most of the Rabuy and Pesigan cousins, Cindy loved Disney movies (animated musicals especially), and Broadway musicals. I know she was there with us in spirit. I think she's thrilled to know that her family is continuing her musical theater appreciation, and successfully passing it on to her nieces.