Wednesday, February 22, 2017

thoughts of bittersweet memories

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

Over the weekend, we were in the LA area to celebrate the wedding of our cousin Angela, to her new husband Josh. The rain stayed away just long enough for us to share in the beautiful, joyful ceremony, and to dance away during the lovely, fun-filled reception.

Whenever we visit LA, I always feel a hint of sadness. I love the chance to visit dear friends and family, and we had so many great experiences while we lived there; but the sadness is there too.

Driving through West LA and on the 405 was so familiar; some of the on and off ramps on the freeway have changed, but it's still the same. We even decided to take Sepulveda for a stretch, rather than the 405. It made me miss Cindy so much.

And as we drove through the area of the freeway where her accident occurred, we said a little prayer.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

thoughts of brotherly love

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

Cindy and Andrew had a truly wonderful relationship. She sincerely considered him as a big brother, and he looked out for her as his younger sister.

Recently, Andrew came across this photo of the two of them. It was taken during Christmas one year, although unfortunately I don't remember exactly which year. It's so sweet to see them smiling together.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

thoughts of girl power!

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

I'm honored to say that a few of our family members and friends proudly took part in the Womens March in Oakland this weekend, one of the sister marches to the Womens March on Washington. It was a fantastic experience for all, filled with incredible energy and an empowering sense of community.

If Cindy were here, she would have undoubtedly been at the March with us. She could very well have been at the one in Washington DC. Being at the March made me think of Cindy, and reminded me of times while we were at UCLA when she was involved in similar movements and campaigns.

I know that Cindy was smiling down proudly on all of us - not just our family and friends, but on the millions of people coming together to stand up for issues that are important to us.

[Special thanks to Tita Ria for taking the photo below and sharing it!]