Saturday, September 2, 2017

thoughts of sticker adventures

shared by VJ Rabuy, her sister

I remember when we were kids, Cindy and I bought a Tiny Toon Adventures Sticker Book. It was a long time ago, when the cartoon was still fairly new and very popular.

The book had illustrations throughout, telling a story, and various images were missing that could be revealed by placing the correct sticker on the corresponding space. However, the stickers weren't included with the book. Instead, you had to buy them separately from "mystery sticker packs".

Since we had to collect the stickers separately, we often had duplicates. Cindy and I didn't mind though, since the duplicates could be used in our own letters and binders and notebooks.

A few years ago, Arlene and I got similar Cars 2 Sticker Books. Arlene got her’s first, and I saw how much fun she had trying to collect all the missing stickers. Soon after, I got one for myself.

I was able to use most of the duplicates that Arlene had collected. It was fun to remember my first adventure with a sticker book with Cindy, as I was working on my Cars 2 book with Arlene.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

thoughts of dinnertime

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

Last Sunday morning, Andrew and the girls finished breakfast before me, and I found myself sitting alone at the dining table. I childishly whined out to them, "I'm lonely!" So Andrew returned to the table and playfully sat there staring at me.

I told him that I was just kidding, and was just fine sitting alone. But it reminded me of the times while my sisters and I were growing up, when Cindy would occasionally find herself sitting alone at the dining table because she was not allowed to be excused until she finished all of her food.

I told Andrew and the girls about a specific image I had in my head, of Cindy just sitting quietly staring at her plate (or bowl), but not necessarily eating anymore. I don't think my sisters and I were allowed to sit with her, but I recall just keeping an eye on her from the stairs that overlooked our kitchen dining area, where she sat.

I don't know how long she had to sit there. But I have a feeling that she didn't end up finishing her meal. I don't think she was mad or sad, but just that she didn't want to eat anymore, and she was just willing to wait patiently until one of our parents said that she could finally be excused.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

thoughts of flower folding

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

On my birthday this year, Ava gave me a beautiful origami flower. I treasure and adore any gift from my girls, but was especially impressed with Ava when she told me that she thought of the flower idea, looked for something online, and found the "how-to" for it all on her own.

Cindy would be so proud of Ava's initiative and for continuing the origami tradition. I wouldn't be surprised if Cindy planted a little seed of inspiration in her niece's mind.

My cousin Jayne saw the flower when she was visiting one day, and asked Ava if she would come over to teach her how to make them, so they could be used as wall decorations for her apartment. Ava happily agreed.

So yesterday, the girls and I spent some time at Jayne's place folding flowers. Our other cousin Adam, who's living in the Philippines right now, happened to be home to attend a friend's recent wedding; so he joined us for our "flower workshop".

Thank you Cindy for continuing to spark our creativity and for being an inspiration for more fun family time!