Monday, May 22, 2017

thoughts of eat, pray, love

shared by AR Flanagan, her sister

About two months ago, I stepped foot into our local Whole Foods Market and I heard someone call my name. That someone turned out to be Cyn's childhood friend Angelica, who I hadn't seen in years!

She told me she was about to embark on a world tour for 14 months. She said she was just going to spend time to find herself. We talked for quite a bit of time when unexpectedly, my sister Carla walked into the store. She was able to give Angelica travel tips.

Angelica was so happy to see us, and we were happy to see her. She felt like it was a sign from Cyn. What are the odds that the three of us would happen to cross paths at the same time on a random weekday? Another orchestration by my sister Cindy? Definitely yes!!

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

thoughts of senior night

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

This evening, around 30 of our family members attended the Logan versus Kennedy men's volleyball match. We were there to cheer on Teo and his friends on the JV team, and Frisco and his friends on the Varsity team.

It was also Frisco's "Senior Night", since he will be graduating from high school this year. So it was even more festive, with posters and signs of the five senior team members on the gym walls, and our own signs and balloons showing our support for our cousin/nephew/son.

Frisco and his fellow seniors were introduced before the game. They walked out with their parents, girlfriends and other family members, while team managers shared their favorite volleyball memory and their messages of thanks with the crowd.

It was even more fitting that Kennedy was the opposing team, given that my sisters and I are all Kennedy alumni. I know Cindy was cheering right along with us. She would undoubtedly have attended as many sporting events for her cousins (as well as nieces) as possible, beaming with pride and joy.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

thoughts of book worms

shared by Marlo R. Beall, her sister

Cindy was an English major while at UCLA, and she loved to read. I would often sit in awe of her ability to just curl up on the couch for hours with a book, either for fun or for school.

Andrew and I have held on to a few of Cindy's books. Recently, he came across some of them while doing some spring cleaning; so he decided to use them as part of the decor of our bedroom. A few of her books are now included in a lovely, short book stack, atop a little end table in the corner of our room.

I wasn't much a reader at all growing up, or while in school. But fortunately, Cyn Cyn and Ava are definitely book worms, like their Tita Cyn. I'm looking forward to the day when they can enjoy reading some of the books that used to belong to her.